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What sets Balefire Safety Systems apart from all the other safety consulting companies? Our team is well educated with years of experience under our belt. We know we’re the perfect group to help keep your company safe. Balefire’s safety consultants have attained the highest levels of education and certification available today.

Dan Cerkan, Founder and CEO, holds a Master’s Degree in Safety Program Management and Human Factors, as well as certification by DOT, FAA, IS-BAO, HAI, and other prestigious organizations. Our team’s vast knowledge and experience enables us to tailor our systems to meet your needs. You’ll always get customized programs and only pay for your company’s perfect system. Balefire consultants help you understand the complexities of safety program development and management. We’ll build you your custom system, and then take the time to educate you on the process, giving you the confidence to take charge of your company’s safety.


Whatever your aviation safety needs may be, Balefire has the answer.
We're committed to your success!


Whatever your aviation safety needs may be,
Balefire has the answer.

We're committed to your success!

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Auditing Services

Schedule your professional audit today – fixed or rotary wing operations, SMS, and maintenance. Balefire uses the Gold Standard in business aviation auditing: The International Standard for Business Aircraft Operators (IS-BAO) and Helicopter Association International (HAI) audit standards. We take the pain out of external auditing. We’re friendly and courteous and truly put ourselves in your shoes to give you the best quality audit for your money and the best audit experience you
can find.

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Safety Management Systems (SMS)
& Risk Management

Did you know that Aviation Safety is a science? A professionally trained SMS consultant is what you need to implement an effective Safety Management System. Balefire’s consultants have advanced education degrees and corollary technical certifications from the US Department of Transportation. Only Balefire can give you the custom SMS that your organization needs to operate, scale and thrive. No “safety-in-a-box” offering can do that
for you.

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Strategic Safety Planning

Your business needs a Safety Vision, not just a mission statement or a policy letter for the front of your safety manual. Let Balefire craft a Safety Vision for your organization; one that fits with your corporate culture, your leadership goals, and your long-range growth plans. Safety is much more than an absence of accidents. Balefire can give you the education, guidance and reliable advice to give you the kind of safety strategy that your employees will get behind and
benefit from.

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Dan Cerkan

Founder and President

Dan is a former USMC Naval Aviator that served with distinction as the Aviation Safety Officer(FW/RW) for the Marine Corps, Director of Safety and Standardization for 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, and White House Aircraft Commander at HMX-1, the Presidential Flight Detachment.

  • Master of Aeronautical Science (MAS), Dual Concentrations in Aviation Safety Systems & Human Factors
  • Certified Registered Safety Professional (CRSP), International Society of Safety Professionals, 2016
  • MS, Aviation Safety Program Management, Safety Risk Management Trainer Certificates, U.S. D.O.T. (Transportation Safety Institute), 2013
  • IS-BAO Auditor, IBAC, 2013
  • HAI Accredited Auditor, 2015

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Ken Mazzola

Kyle Kerekffy

Expert Analysis

Our consultants analyze every aspect of your safety program. Our services include safety assurance and cost-benefit analysis to help you ensure you’re focusing your resources our the most beneficial methods available.

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