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Balefire Safety wants to help empower your organization by providing you with systems of safety management. Our goal is to keep your safety risk to a minimum, and we excel in this by keeping accurate information through our Safety Management Systems. Users can report incidents right when they happen, so your team is prepared for anything.

You will create all categories for incidents, decide who receives email notifications, and orchestrate what date is saved for later use. We will create the platform for you to do this. Our team wants to help you identify hazards and manage risks to ensure maximum safety in the workplace.



Since our Safety Management Systems are web-based, they are easy to use on all devices. You can enter information from your mobile device, visit the incident with a tablet in hand for pictures or notes, and review everything from your office desktop.


Pre-identified issues will trigger emails going out to your company’s leadership. Once you identify who needs to be notified of each type of incident, we’ll set up automatic email updates to ensure your company is notified instantly of anything
that happens.


You’ll have full capability of reviewing incidents and creating reports based on incident category or date range. The dashboard is where all of your reports are stored for easy viewing access. We’ll also generate graphical information for quick
glance statistics.


All of your data is safe with our system. We use the most up-to-date Security Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt your information. Plus, when you’re finished with an investigation, you decide which information is stored and saved,
and which is destroyed.